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Finding the Right Mentor

There is a real straight forward method for determining if a possible mentor is good for you and it consists of two criteria: 1) The person has what you want; 2) They have been where you are now.

Listening to the right person is key to any level of success you aspire to. If a person has never done what you are setting out to do, their effectiveness at guiding you will be very limited. Sure, they may have good ideas, but have they actually implemented those ideas and gotten results? That is a key factor!

Additionally, if someone was handed a “silver spoon” and basically didn’t have to work to acquire the business/wealth or what have you, they may not really be all that great at mentoring you towards success, because they didn’t start at nothing. They have not walked the path you need to walk to achieve your objective. 

These concepts may sound simplistic, but their power is undeniable. Oftentimes, someone will look at a very successful person and think, “Gee, if I’m going to succeed in this endeavor, I gotta be just like him or her and do what they’re doing.” That would be fatal to your success. Ideally you would try to find out what they were doing when they first started out. Make sense? Yes, it’s really powerful to observe others performing the tasks/skills, etc that make them successful, but that’s not where they started. If you are just starting out, you may likely find yourself thinking, “I don’t know if I can do that. They make it look so easy!” This line of thinking will stall or completely stop any actual steps towards the attainment of your goal, because you can’t see yourself doing what they are doing currently. 

Just remember that the right mentor started with nothing. What you must do is determine the next logical step and a good mentor can certainly help you do that.