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On Being a Good Ancestor

After several years of focused work in the personal development field and the subsequent changes I’ve created in my life, I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned along the way. If one person takes what I share and implements a concept or practice, thereby improving their life in some way, it will have been worth it. This, then, is my mission: to connect with like-minded individuals, to share what I’ve learned with the intention of inspiring others, and to teach how I’ve implemented those lessons along with any insights I have gathered through first-hand experience.


I am grateful for the mentors who have come into my life that have taught me life-changing lessons. I shudder to think where I’d be without them and I don’t say that lightly. My entire experience of life has shifted to where I have released much of what was holding me back, and I am steering my ship in a way that is best for me. And much of what I have accomplished was done via mentors. Some have been “virtual”, via books/audios/videos, etc. Others have been “in person” mentors who I’ve had coffee/drinks with. For more discussion about mentors go here.


It really boils down to taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life, a theme which I aim to highlight throughout this blog. The moment I began to take more responsibility for my experience of life, in general, everything shifted. As that became a habit, I realized just how much I had allowed negative thinking to run my life: Blame, guilt, victim-mentality, regret, depression, sadness, anger and similar emotions no longer ran my life. I shifted my focus to what it was I wanted and, by default, those negative emotions eased. Once I became consciously aware of that, it became my mission to focus more and more on what I wanted. My present, and therefore my future, was suddenly in my control and that changed everything.

Freedom of Expression

This blog also fits my mission of expressing myself openly and freely. As I’ve grown intellectually and spiritually, I feel obliged to follow my instincts even more. This blog is a result of that. There will always be some bullshit happening in the world, so I aim to serve as a counter measure to that and to highlight what is good and what is possible. It’s easy to focus on the negatives surrounding us. This keeps us in a state of perpetual fear/anxiety, not allowing us to live freely and openly and really enjoy this one life we have to live.

What’s Your Mission?

Do you have a mission in life? Can you clearly define it? Have you written it down? This is very powerful! More to come.