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What a journey it’s been! Starting on the ukulele at age 4 and progressing to guitar at age 6, Dean has been around music his whole life, but it has only been in the past several years that he made the decision to share his own music on a wider scale.

The early years, musically, were spent learning “church songs” as Dean’s father was a minister. His mother ensured that all the children played some instrument, solely for the purpose of performing in church. Dean can honestly say that he has performed “Kumbayah” live in front of people-more than once as a child. Due to his young age at the time, the damage from those experiences went unnoticed until just recently.😂

The High School years were spent playing in a cover band and then for a period of about 10 years he barely touched a guitar. It wasn’t until his older brother gifted him an acoustic that he started playing again. Years later he eventually ended up playing in original bands as the lead guitar player singing harmonies as well. It wasn’t until an apprenticeship in a recording studio in Boston that he tried his hand at songwriting in earnest, recording a 3-song demo that no one has heard…ever.

Life circumstances lead him to Minnesota where he built a recording studio and then quickly lost it when the building was sold. After getting the boot, he focused more on songwriting and singing. A stroke of luck led him to a gig in NYC in the East Village to play a hootenanny, where, for the first time, he performed original songs in front of an audience. Hooked by the experience, he set out to complete a full-length recording, eventually using talent from South Africa to North Dakota, and studios in Boston and Minneapolis.

Currently, Dean finds himself on the brink of a full dive into the music business, a dream that has been simmering beneath the surface for decades. Dean will be sharing more about this journey and the people who’ve helped him along the way on his blog, The Good Ancestor.