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Success Breeds Success

Being acutely aware of the Success Cycle will keep your mind focused on your objective. If you know going into the game that you just need to get one small win, i.e. your next logical step, your chances of succeeding are are greatly increased.

Focusing too much on how to achieve whatever it is you desire always leads to doubt, and doubt will kill your chances of obtaining your goal. When you begin to have doubts, you are essentially putting out a vibration that says, “stay away Big Dream/Goal–I’m not sure I can have you!” This is resistance, something that repels your dreams.

Everything is Vibration

It’s all vibration, remember. Everything vibrates at a frequency. Everything. Science backs this up. Why is this important? Because your vibration is creating your reality. Your thoughts effect how you vibrate and those vibrations in turn draw to you people, events and circumstances that match your vibration. This is also known as the Law Of Attraction. As common as these laws are today, many do not really understand how their own thinking is affecting their lives. One must understand this! 


The “Shortcut”

The shortcut, if there is one, to this fact about vibration and raising yours to match your desire, is to pick a small goal that is in alignment with your bigger dream or chief aim. It must be small enough that you know you can accomplish it, but big enough to get you excited so that you’ll follow through on its attainment. Completing this step automatically gives you confidence, because you now know you are capable of taking the action necessary. 

This in turn motivates you to take more action which leads to more successes and of course creates habits of picking small “win-able” steps towards your bigger dream. The repetition of the success cycle creates even more confidence and momentum, which, over time, will allow your next steps to become much larger, because your belief is greater. Make sense?

The end result of engaging in, and being acutely aware of, the success cycle, as it relates to your dream, is the knowledge that you can be, do, and have whatever you want in this lifetime. Of course the “secret” to that is knowing what you want, and knowing that whatever that is, it must be in alignment with your true self, not your ego. Understanding that concept is a more advanced study for another time. Suffice it to say, you must listen to your intuition when making a decision about any endeavor you choose. 

Recap For Dummies

I like to keep things simple: Decide what you want (Chief Aim); Pick a small step that will bring you closer to that Chief Aim; Repeat small steps until the Chief Aim is reached. And don’t worry about the “How”, i.e. let the next step reveal itself as you go. Trust this process, it works!

Too simple? Then what are you doing to create your dreams?